Let The Bible Speak

Let The Bible Speak


Abdul Rahman Dismashkiah
Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 77 | Size: 6 MB

The book of the religion remains always as proof of the religion. If the book is right then its religion is right, if it is wrong: then its religion is wrong.

To consider any scripture as a (HOLY BOOK) it should: – be free of errors, contradictions. – be free of omissions, additions, distortions, alterations. – be free of the low, obscene words. – be free of slander, of God, God’s Prophets. – be free of racism. – describe God in the best possible way, not negatively. – be expressed in the most beautiful language, the language of the creator of languages. – It should not permit what God has forbidden, nor forbid what God has allowed.

You should know that God has prepared a day of reckoning when he will ask you about your sincerity in seeking the truth. – Who ever sincerely sought the truth will be guided, but all those who ignore the truth stubbornly count themselves among the looser on the Day of Judgment. – People to day struggle to enjoy life, why do not they struggle for Paradise? – Why are they after temporary pleasure? While forgetting the ever lasting bliss? – To discover the truth you need to do two things: an enlightened scientific and attentive attitude. A desire to find the truth, no matter where it is. An open mind, free of prejudice and bigotry.

The seeker of truth should fear falsehood, supporting truth and make a firm commitment to it. 1- We turn honestly and sincerely to our Lord, and seek His guidance to reach the truth. 2- How much are we in need of a firm vision of truth and a solid commitment to it, how desperate is our need to appeal to our Lord earnestly for guidance and help in following it. For without God’s help and guidance no one will ever find truth. May Allah guide us always closer to the truth.

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