Beyond Mere Christianity C.S. Lewis And The Betrayal Of Christianity

Beyond Mere Christianity C.S. Lewis And The Betrayal Of Christianity

Brandon Toropov | Language: English | Format : PDF | Pages: 148 | Size: 1.5 MB
The book is called Beyond Mere Christianity for two reasons. First, in response to C.S. Lewis’ influential 1952 work, Mere Christianity, which stands as a masterpiece of Christian apologetics. The second reason, perhaps less obvious, is that a case can be made, based on current, responsible Gospel scholarship, that Jesus was calling his people to the Salvation that lies beyond the worship of the merely created, the Salvation that relies instead on the direct worship of the Creator. I believe emphatically that the authentic words of Jesus invite us to move beyond what is conventionally understood as Christianity for this Salvation.


What follows examines the beliefs and teaching of Jesus and Muhammad;
Peace and Blessings Be Upon them both.

Table of Contents:

Why ‘Mere’

What is ‘Q’

‘Natural Law’

Jesus and the Magicians

The Problem of Illogicality

The Mechanics of Salvation

What about Paul?


There is No God but God

Q and the Qur’an (Textual Note)

Common Questions

Note to Agnostics and Atheists


There is a brief passage like this that tells you a little about my journey to Islam.

I came to Islam after three decades of restless dissatisfaction with conventional Christianity.
Although I’ve read a lot of conversion stories since I embraced Islam in March of 2003,
I haven’t found many that cited the Gospels
As a point of entry to the Holy Qur’an.
This is how it was for me.

If you are a Christian reading this book,
Please know that what follow is not meant
Disrespectfully, but is offered only in the
Service of deep shared love of the Messiah (Jesus) Peace Be Upon Him.


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