Teach Yourself Islam: A Comprehensive Course

Teach Yourself Islam: A Comprehensive Course

Nabil Abdel-Salam Haroun | Language: English |  Format: PDF| Pages: 313 | Size: 13.5 MB
This is a basic self-study course of Islam. Islam, the last of the messages of Allah (SWT), the Creator, to mankind, is a universal guidance to the human race everywhere, up to the end of times. Islamic teachings are embodied in the Holy Qur’an. The Word of Allah (SWT), revealed to the Seal of Messengers, Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him). The Prophet’s teachings and life are considered to be a detailed interpretation and a human model for the message. This book features a comprehensive outline of the knowledge essential for every Muslim. The outlines are essentially translated summaries of the twelve Arabic textbooks. They cover a broad spectrum of Islamic knowledge, grouped in seven units.

1. Sources: The Holy Qur’an, Hadith (Prophet’s tradition), and Science of sources.
2. Faith: Principles of faith (Tawhid) and Comparative religion.
3. Worship: Purification, Prayer, Zakah (Alms), Fasting and Hajj (Pilfrimage).
4. Conduct: Morals and Manners.
5. Family: Marriage and Inheritance.
6. Economy: Wealth, Trade and Business.
7. The Nation: The State. Penalties, and Jihad.


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