Abdullah Azzam

Abdullah Azzam

Abdullah Azzam

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Abdullah Yusuf Azzam was born in a village in the North of
Palestine named Selat AI Harithia in Genine District in the year
1941. Sheikh Abdullah Azzam received his early elementary and
secondary school education in his village, and continued his
education at the agricultural Khadorri College where he obtained a
Diploma. Although he was the youngest amongst his colleagues, he was
the brightest and most astute. After he graduated from Khadorri
College, he worked as a teacher in a village named Adder in the
South of Jordan. Later he joined Shariah College in Damascus
University where he obtained a B.A. Degree in Shariah in 1966. After
the Jews captured the West Bank in 1967, Sheikh Abdullah Azzam
decided to migrate to Jordan, because he could not live under the
Jewish occupation of Palestine. The sacrilege of the Israeli tanks
rolling into the West Bank without any resistance made him more
determined to migrate, to learn the skills necessary to fight. In
the late 1960′s he joined the Jihad against the Israeli occupation
of Palestine from Jordan. During that time he received a Masters
Degree in Shariah from the University of AI Azhar. In 1970 when the
Jihad came to a halt, and the PLO was forced out of Jordan, he
assumed a teaching position in the Jordanian University in Amman. In
1971 he was awarded a scholarship to the AI Azhar University in
Cairo at which he obtained a Ph.D. Degree in Ussul al Fiqh in 1973.

The Tawhid Of Action

By Abdullah Yusuf Azzam. While living in Afghanistan, I have realized
that Tawhid can not pernetrate into the soul of the human
being, nor will it intensify and strengthen – the way it
does in the fields of Jihad. This is the Tawhid, regarding
which the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said ‘I was sent before
the hour with the sword…’ Why? ‘So that Allah is
worshipped Alone with no partners with Him.’


Defence of the Muslim Lands

‘Defence of the Muslim Lands’ has become a classical Islamic text
studying the legal implications of when and under what
conditions Jihad is permitted under the Shariah. Dr.
Abdullah Azzam discusses many critical questions relating to
the types of Jihad, the conditions under which Jihad becomes
an obligation upon all Muslims, parents permission, fighting
in the absence of the Islamic State and peace treaties with
the enemy. This new edition contains over 150 footnotes and
a ‘scholars base’ which give brief details of each of the
fifty or so scholars mentioned in the text.


Signs of ar-Rahman in Jihad of Afghan

This book was written by Shaykh Abdullah Azzam during the Afghan-Soviet
Jihad in the 1980′s. It deals specifically with first hand
accounts of the miracles that occured during this Jihad.
Shaykh Abdullah Azzam writes, ‘These incidents which are
going to be narrated are, in reality, more extraordinary
than one can possibly imagine, and appear to resemble
fairytales. I have personally heard them with my own ears;
and have written them with my own hands from those
Mujaahideen who themselves were present. I have heard these
miracles from such men who are trustworthy and reliable, and
who have been constantly on the battlefield. The miracles
are many, so much so that they more or less reach the degree
of Tawaatur i.e. such a large number that does not entertain
the possibility of fabrication. I have heard numerous such
miraculous episodes, but brevity does not allow me to
enumerate all of them.

The Ruling on Meat Slaughtered In the

By Abdullah Azzam. During my visits to the West, and when I am being
served meals on planes or in restaurants in Europe or
America, I would find that I was very hesitant to eat the
food, and I wanted very much to search for halal food and
find that pure bite to eat in order to protect any part of
my flesh from being nourished on haram, as the Fire is more
deserving of every bit of flesh nourished on the haram.

Courtesy of Iskandrani


A Message To Every Youth

In his book al-Fawaid, he said:

There are ten useless matters that cannot be benefited from:

Knowledge that is not implemented

An action that is empty of sincerity, and is not based on
the correct example

Wealth that is hoarded, as the owner neither enjoys it
during this life, nor obtains any reward for it in the

The heart that is empty of love and longing for Allāh, and
of seeking closeness to Him

A body that does not obey and serve Allāh

Loving Allāh without seeking His pleasure

Time that is not spent in expiating sins or seizing
opportunities to perform deeds of righteousness that will
bring one closer to Allāh

A mind that thinks about issues which bring about no benefit

Serving those who neither bring you close to Allāh or
benefit you in your life

Hoping and fearing one who is under the authority of Allāh,
and whose forehead is in His Hand, while he cannot bring any
benefit, harm, life, death, or resurrection to himself.

However, the greatest of these matters is the wasting of the
heart, and the wasting of time. Wasting the heart is done by
preferring this worldly life over the Hereafter, and wasting
time is done by having incessant hopes. All evil is in
following ones desires and having incessant hopes, while all
goodness is found in following the right path and preparing
oneself to meet Allāh, and Allāh is the source of

Here, he summarized all evil in these two issues: wasting of
the heart, and wasting of time. Wasting the heart is done by
preferring this worldly life over the Hereafter, and wasting
time is done by having incessant hopes, and incessant hopes
and the following of ones desires are the ultimate
manifestation of evil.

The Scales of Allah

By the martyred Imam Abdullah Azzam (May Allah have Mercy upon him).
This is the cream of the people. Search for it. Live with
it. Travel with it as your guide and under its leadership.
Worship Allah by way of the light that you see and hear from
them. Translated by Abu Sabaya.


Being True With Allah

By the martyred Imam Abdullah Azzam (May Allah have Mercy upon him).
The biggest problem facing Islam today is the lack of the
sincere and truthful amongst those who are working for
Allah, except for those few hidden, pious, and pure people
who were made for leading nations, and were made for
navigating the ship. Translated by Abu Sabaya.


Join the Caravan

This book was written in 1987 at the peak of the Jihad in Afghanistan.
This text was used by many Islamic organisations in the
1980′s to rally support for their Muslim brethren in


The Lofty Mountain

The Lofty Mountain contains the translation of perhaps the last book
that Sheikh Abdullah Azzam wrote before he was assassinated.
It is a unique biography of an individual that is not known
to many people: the martyred Sheikh Tameem Al-Adnani from
Palestine, whose soul left this World in 1989.

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