Sahih Bukhari Ahadith

Sahih Bukhari Ahadith

Sahih Bukhari is
a collection of sayings and deeds of Prophet
Muhammad (pbuh), also known as the
. The reports of the
Prophet’s sayings and deeds are called
. Bukhari lived a couple of
centuries after the Prophet’s death and worked
extremely hard to collect his ahadith. Each
report in his collection was checked for
compatibility with the Qur’an, and the veracity
of the chain of reporters had to be
painstakingly established. Bukhari’s collection
is recognized by the overwhelming majority of
the Muslim world to be one of the most authentic
collections of the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH).

  1. Revelation

  2. Belief

  3. Knowledge

  4. Ablutions (Wudu’)

  5. Bathing (Ghusl)

  6. Menstrual

  7. Rubbing hands
    and feet with dust (Tayammum)

  8. Prayers (Salat)

  9. Virtues of
    the Prayer Hall (Sutra of
    the Musalla)

  10. Times of the

  11. Call to
    Prayers (Adhaan)

  12. Characteristics of Prayer

  13. Friday Prayer

  14. Fear Prayer

  15. The Two
    Festivals (Eids)

  16. Witr Prayer

  17. Invoking
    Allah for Rain (Istisqaa)

  18. Eclipses

  19. Prostration
    During Recital of Qur’an

  20. Shortening
    the Prayers (At-Taqseer)

  21. Prayer at
    Night (Tahajjud)

  22. Actions while

  23. Funerals (Al-Janaa’iz)

  24. Obligatory
    Charity Tax (Zakat)

  25. Obligatory
    Charity Tax After Ramadaan (Zakat
    ul Fitr)

  26. Pilgrimmage

  27. Minor
    Pilgrammage (Umra)

  28. Pilgrims
    Prevented from Completing
    the Pilgrimmage

  29. Penalty of
    Hunting while on Pilgrimmage

  30. Virtues of

  31. Fasting

  32. Praying at
    Night in Ramadaan (Taraweeh)

  33. Retiring to a
    Mosque for Remembrance of
    Allah (I’tikaf)

  34. Sales and

  35. Sales in
    which a Price is paid for
    Goods to be Delivered Later

  36. Hiring

  37. Transferance
    of a Debt from One Person to
    Another (Al-Hawaala)

  38. Representation,
    Authorization, Business by

  39. Agriculture

  40. Distribution
    of Water

  41. Loans,
    Payment of Loans, Freezing
    of Property, Bankruptcy

  42. Lost Things
    Picked up by Someone

  43. Oppressions

  44. Partnership

  45. Mortgaging

  46. Manumission
    of Slaves

  47. Gifts

  48. Witnesses

  49. Peacemaking

  50. Conditions

  51. Wills and
    Testaments (Wasaayaa)

  52. Fighting for
    the Cause of Allah (Jihaad)

  53. One-fifth of
    Booty to the Cause of Allah

  54. Beginning of

  55. Prophets

  56. Virtues and
    Merits of the Prophet (pbuh)
    and his Companions

  57. Companions of
    the Prophet

  58. Merits of the
    Helpers in Madinah (Ansaar)

  59. Military
    Expeditions led by the
    Prophet (pbuh) (Al-Maghaazi)

  60. Prophetic
    Commentary on the Qur’an
    (Tafseer of the Prophet

  61. Virtues of
    the Qur’an

  62. Wedlock,
    Marriage (Nikaah)

  63. Divorce

  64. Supporting
    the Family

  65. Food, Meals

  66. Sacrifice on
    Occasion of Birth (`Aqiqa)

  67. Hunting,

  68. Al-Adha
    Festival Sacrifice (Adaahi)

  69. Drinks

  70. Patients

  71. Medicine

  72. Dress

  73. Good Manners
    and Form (Al-Adab)

  74. Asking

  75. Invocations

  76. To make the
    Heart Tender (Ar-Riqaq)

  77. Divine Will

  78. Oaths and

  79. Expiation for
    Unfulfilled Oaths

  80. Laws of
    Inheritance (Al-Faraa’id)

  81. Limits and
    Punishments set by Allah

  82. Punishment of
    Disbelievers at War with
    Allah and His Apostle

  83. Blood Money

  84. Dealing with

  85. Saying
    Something under Compulsion

  86. Tricks

  87. Interpretation of Dreams

  88. Afflictions
    and the End of the World

  89. Judgments

  90. Wishes

  91. Accepting
    Information Given by a
    Truthful Person

  92. Holding Fast
    to the Qur’an and Sunnah

  93. ONENESS,


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