Christianity: The Original And The Present Reality

Christianity: The Original And The Present Reality

Muhammad bin Abdullah as-Saheem | Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 28 | Size: 1 MB
Christianity The Original And The Present Reality: The author has given a brief history of original Christianity with reference to context, as well as, the present reality of Christianity in the modern world.

Publishers Note

All the praise is due to Allâh, Who has guided us to His straight
path. We seek His forgiveness and we seek refuge in Him from
the evil of our own selves and our bad deeds.
‘Christianity – the Original and the Present Reality’ is a brief treatise
in which the author has attempted to open the Christians’
eyes to the true reality of their erroneous beliefs and to guide
them to the Truth.
All the Messengers of Allâh had tried their best, to convey the
correct creed to their peoples. Prophet ‘Isa, or Jesus, was also
among those upright Messengers who strove hard to guide his
people to the Truth, but most of them followed their whims and
desires and thus went astray.
Believing in the Oneness of Allâh is a basic fundamental in Islam.
This belief establishes the relationship between human beings and
their Rubb (Lord). As Muslims we firmly believe that Allâh is our
Creator, Sustainer and the true God; only He has the right to be
worshipped. There is no partner with Him. He has the free hand
in the disposal of all affairs.
I am thankful to Br. Muhammad bin ‘Abdullah As-Saheem who
has written this booklet in the Arabic language and given us permission
to translate it into English. I pray to Allâh to render this
booklet beneficial and be a source of guidance and blessing in
both this world and the Hereafter.
I also appreciate Darussalam’s staff, who spared no effort to
complete this work in a very good manner.
General Manager: Abdul Malik Mujahid


All praise and thanks are due to Allâh, Who has not taken any
creature as a son, nor does He have any partner in His dominion,
nor has He any protector from among the lowly creatures. His
Greatness is greater than all else. I bear witness that there is nothing
worthy of worship in truth besides Allâh Alone Who is singular
and without partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad (PBUH)
is His slave, servant and Messenger.
This is a very brief summary in which I intend to clarify the origin
of Christianity (Nasraaniyah) and its current reality. It is principally
intended for a Christian in order that he may be aware of the
roots of his belief. He will perhaps come to understand how
Christianity has undergone change and substitution to the point that
it has evolved into a man-made composition – this, after having
once been a Divine message. I have made it a point to bring
forth, within this summary, those evidences that brought forth
the truth of the matter from actual texts of the Torah (Tawrah)
and the Injeel. This was done to illustrate, to every Christian
reader, my intention to point out the truth and to guide towards
that which is correct. Thus I write, seeking Allâh’s help.


Publishers Note
The Origin of Christianity
Christ, the Messiah — Son of Allâh
Christ — The Second Element of the Holy Trinity
The Divine as one with Humanity
Allâh is a Holy Trinity
The Crucifixion
Christ died on the Cross
The Lord’s Supper (The Eucharist)
Bibliography and References of Books of
Some Christians Who accepted Islam


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