Jihad: The Absent Obligation

Jihad: The Absent Obligation

Muhammad ‘Abdus Salam Faraj | Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 107 | Size: 4 MB
Mohammad ‘Abdus Salaam Faraj was born in 1952 in Egypt. He studied electrical engineering at Cairo University. Faraj was excuted by the Egyptian government in April 1982 for his opposition to the government and his Islamist activites. More details of his life and writings are forthcoming. In the meantime, the following quotes summarize the jist of the text in terms of Islamist theory. Most of the book makes use of passages in the Quran and the Sunnah to back up the many assertions made about aggressive Jihad to rid the world of non-Sharia law based political systems. The sample assertions quoted below are by no means comprehesive of Faraj’s argumentation, rather merely illustrative.

“Indeed the glad tidings regarding the establishement of the Islamic State and the return of the Khaliphate (Islamic State) were given by the Messenger of Allah, not to mention that they are part of the Commandments of Allah. Further, it is obligatory upon every Muslim to do his utmost to implement them.”
–Muhammad ‘Abdus Salam Faraj, Jihad: The Absent Obligation, p16

“Westerners have been deceived into believing that these modern values, Women’s Rights, Human Rights, Secularism, the separation of church and state, Democracy and Tolerance, are ideas they arrived at by having fought long and hard intellectually to rid themselves os such ideas as Islam suggests.”
–Muhammad ‘Abdus Salam Faraj, Jihad: The Absent Obligation, p41

“Allah revealed Islam in order that humanity could be governed according to it. Unbelief is darkness and disorder. So the unbelievers, if they are not suppressed, create disorder. That is why the Muslims are responsible for the implementation of Allah’s Law on the planet, that humanity may be governed by it, as opposed to corrupt man-made laws. The Muslims must make all efforts to establish the religion of Allah on the earth.”
–Muhammad ‘Abdus Salam Faraj, Jihad: The Absent Obligation, p43

“The infidels know that when Muslims realize what is truly expected of them in their religion, about fighting the infidels, it will mean the end of their amoral rule. Consequently they fight against Fundamentalism in every sphere and struggle to dislodge Jihad from its proper role in Islam.”
–Muhammad ‘Abdus Salam Faraj, Jihad: The Absent Obligation, p44

“The priority for the Muslims right now, the minimum for their religion is the establishment of an Islamic state, where they can establish and secure the rule of Allah. Once we manage to do so we will have presented an example to the rest of humanity of the rule of Allah’s Law to compare with the travesty of the rule of oppression.”
–Muhammad ‘Abdus Salam Faraj, Jihad: The Absent Obligation, p48

“It is permissible to make a raid on the disbelievers whom the call of Islam has reached without prior warning.”
–Muhammad ‘Abdus Salam Faraj, Jihad: The Absent Obligation, p79



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    • How can you hate a thigh that God likes for you. For verily to him is your return.If you have Islam you hate your creator, and stupid as you may seem, your creator will throw you in hell fire and no friends or parents or children can help you that day. Be careful of your worlds.This Religion and other Religions belong only to God not to a human being . Stay in your Satan you accursed Devil and leave Islam alone.

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