The Goodly Word

The Goodly Word

Ibn Taymiyyah | Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 371 | Size: 6 MB
The well-known work al-Kalim at-Tayyib by Ibn Taymiyyah has been widely recognized as one of the best medium-sized books giving direct access to invocations (dua) and supplications (dhikr) to be used in worship on particular occasions. Sheikh al-Islam Ahmad Abd Al-Halim ibn Taymiyyah was on of the outstanding scholars of the seventh century A.H. He was well known for his in compromising adherence to the sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) and for combating objectionable innovations. He died in Damascus in A.H 728. The book is here presented in a shortened version, thus making it a useful manual of prayer. The translation has been made by two scholars whose previous books have gained general approval for their accuracy and readability. The translation is provided with notes and appropriate explanations. The book includes an introduction dealing with dua and dhikr in a Muslim’s prayers and circumstances of daily life; it also gives the sources of such dua and dhikr that are authentic and reviews similar collections that have been made. In addition it deals with question of the permissibility or otherwise of employing translations of dua and dhikr. A companion to the translators’ previous publications in the field of Hadith, the present book has been printed in similar format with the original Arabic text given for ease of reference.



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