Free Islamic books and tapes links

Free Islamic books and tapes links

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Free Copy of The
Holy Quran (Koran)

Free Islamic books by mail


ENGLISH – FRENCH and other languages free books

Download and Order Islamic

Brochures and Pamphlets by mail !

Free Islamic
CD-ROM (for non Muslims and new Muslims)

Explore the Life of Prophet
Muhammad (PBUH) – Free Book and CD (United States/Canad Only )

Order for free
Books and DVDs…

New Muslim Gift

Good online Islamic books (Islam
House website)

Islam Basic website Ebooks Library

Shaikh Bin Othaimeen Books
in Different Languages

Books Authored by Dr. Zakir
Naik And Ahmad Deedat

Free Online Arabic and
Islamic books resources (more than 8088 titles!)

Free Online Arabic and Islamic books
(more than 2805 titles!)

Free French Islamic

Free Persian (Farsi) Islamic

Free Urdo Books

Free Islamic Pamphlets and Books in
PDF Format

All Islamic Books are in the PDF Format.
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or click here to
download E Book Reader

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Select “Save Target As”

Translation of The Meanings of The Glorious Quran (Sahih
International) (PDF)

The Interpretation of the
Meaning of The Noble Quran (Hilali & Khan)


The Interpretation of the
meaning of The Noble Quran (Hilali & Khan) with Beautiful Recitation
of Mishari Rashid Alefasy

Translations Of The Holy Quran in Many Languages :

French | Russian (Part
30) | German | Philippines (Part 30) 2 | Greece | Persian |
Portuguese | Swedish Thailand | Indonesian | Hausa | Chinese | Zulu
| Korean | Kazak | Uyghur | Macedonian | Anko | Urdu Bosnian |
Brahui | Chichewa | Turkish | Kashmiri | Burman (Myanmar) 2 | Uzbek
(Audio) | Sindi Somalia | Yoroba | Vietnamese | Azeri (Azerbaijani)
| Tamazight | Gypsy | Amharic | | Fulani 2 | Tamil

The Easy Dictionary of the Holy Quran

Tafsir Ibn Kathir (Abridged) volume 10 By: Ibn Kathir

Buy the whole book

Sahih Al-Bukhari Al Jaami` Al Saheeh By Imam Al-Bukhari

as a software



Sahih Al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim and other hadith books in Arabic


Sahih Muslim By Imam Muslim Ibn Al-Hajjaj



Imaam Maalik’s
Muwatta (by Tarjumana and Johnson)


Riyadh Ul-Salheen by Imam Nawawi



Is… An excellent book geared towards non-Muslims

Understanding Islam By: Syed Abul A’la Mawdudi

#Mere Islam, C.S. Lewis
and the Betrayal of Christianity By Brandon Toropov

#Islam is your

#Islam at
a Glance

#Why I
chose Islam by M. Emery

Ask and The Quran Answer

#The Religion of Islam

True Religion Of God By: Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

Basic Principles and Characteristics

#A Brief
Illustrated Guide To Understanding Islam


#Islam in

Of Islam (By Sh. Hamoud Al-Lahim)

You Know This Man?

#What They Say
About Muhammad
Salla Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam

#Muhammad, the Messenger
of Allah (may Allah exalt his mention)

in Islam

They Say About The Quran

#Who Wrote The Quran?

Concept of Worship in Islam

Dialogue by H.M. Baagil, M.D.

#Did God Become Man? By
Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

#Christianity: The
Original and Present Reality By Dr. Muhammad bin Abdullah as-Saheem

#Let The
Bible Speak By Abdulrahman Dimashqia

#Life After

Moral System of Islam

Way Of Life By: Syed Abul A’la Mawdudi

Perspective of Sex By: Abdur-Rahman A. Al-Sheha

Rights In ISLAM

Religion of Truth By Abdul Rahman Bin Hammad Al-Omar

Message of Islam by Abdulrahman Alsheeha

#The True Message of
Jesus Christ By Dr. Bilal Philips

#Jesus & the Bible

#What Is
His Nature? (God In Christianity) By Naji Al-Arfaj

#The Explanation of The
Beautiful and Perfect Names of Allah By Abdur-Rahman as-Sa’di

The Natural Successor To Christ By: Ahmed Deedat

Equity in Islam by Jamal Badawi, Ph.D.

Rights in Islam by Abdulrahman Alsheeha

on the Authenticity of the Qur’an

Qur’an and Modern science

Amazing Quran By: Gary Miller

#Are you Ready for Islam?

#How to Become a Muslim
By AbdulRahman Al-Sheha

#Conditions of Laa Ilaaha
ill-Allah By Jamaal Zarabozo

Ideal Muslim

view contents

#The Ideal Muslimah


Status of woman in Islam By Jamal Badawi

#Woman in
the shade of Islam by Abdulrahman Alsheeha

Rights and Duties of Women in Islam – Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Hassan

#The Tears Of
Finding The Truth Through The Internet

of Jewish Converts To Islam

#The Qur’aan
and Modern Science: Compatible or Incompatible? (by Dr. ZAKIR NAIK)

#Just One
Message ! (By Dr. Naji I. Al-Arfaj )

Muslim’s Response To A Christian’s Response To A Muslim’s Response
To Tawhid By Abdur Rehman Robert Squires

and christianity by Mrs. Ulfat Aziz- us-samad

Response to Patricia Crone’s Book: Meccan Trade and the Rise of
Islam (English)

#The Correct reply
to the one who changed the relgion of Messiah

(Aljawab Alsaheeh by Ibn Taymyiah) part 1
part 2
part 3

#Oh You Hindu
Awake ! by Dr. Chatterjee

WRATH : Is the Intifadha of Rajab only the Beginning?

By Safar Ibn `Abd Al-Rahman Al-Hawali |

Rather Than Mistresses By Hamdy Shafiq

#Polygyny: The
Wisdom Of Love

Character By: Muhammad Al-Ghazali

#The Authentic Creed and
the Invalidators of Islam by Shaikh Ibn Baaz


#The Muslim’s Belief by
Shaikh Muhammad as-Saleh Al-Uthaimin

#The Declaration of Faith
by Shaikh Saalih Al-Fawzaan

#Kitab At-Tauhid
(Oneness Of Allah) By Shiekh Muhammed Bin Abdul Wahab

200 FAQ On Muslim Belief By: Hafiz Ibn Ahmed Al Hakami

# The Obligation of
Adhering to The Sunnah and a Caution Against Innovation By Abdul-Azeez
bin Baaz

#General Precepts of
Ahlus Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah by Shaykh Naasir Al-Aql

#Causes Behind The
Increase and Decrease of Eemaan by Abdur-Razzaaq Al-Abbaad

Creed of the Imaam of Hadeeth – al-Bukhari

#The Creed of
Ahl-us-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah concerning the Sahabah By Abdul-Muhsin Al-Abbad

#Foundations of the
Sunnah by Imaam Ahmed Ibn Hanbal

Muhammed Is The Messenger of Allah By: Abu Khalid Al-Muwahhid

#The Virtues of the
Qur’an by Abdul Qadir al-Arna’oot

Lessons For Every Muslim by Abdul-Aziz Al-Shomar

#The Other
Side Of Sufism by A. A. Tabari

#Realities of Sufism By
Saleh Al-Saleh

#Knowledge by Shaikh Ibn

#The Ideological Attack
by Shaikh Abdul Azeez Ibn Baaz

#The Path to
Guidance by Imaam Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah

#The Prostration of
Forgetfulness in the Prayer by Shaikh Muhammad Al-Uthaimeen

#The Most Excellent
Manner of Seeking Forgivness by Abdur-Razzaaq Al-Abbaad

#What Every Muslim Must
Know about Purification By AbdulRahman Al-Sheha

#Abridgement of the
Prophet’s Prayer Described – Shaikh al-Albaanee

#Fiqh-us-Sunnah (By Sayid


#What Every Muslim Must
Know About Purification By AbdulRahman Al-Sheha

you Pray New by Anas bin Abdul Hameed Al-Gawz

#Respond to the Call for
Prayer by Khaalid Abu Saalih

#The Description of the
Prophet’s Prayer by Abdulaziz Bin Baz

Three Ways of developing Khushoo? in Salaah By: Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid

Mistakes In Salaat by Sh. Saleh Abdul-Aziz Aalish-Shaykh

#Rulings Pertaining to
Ramadaan By Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid

#Essentials of Ramadan By
Tajuddin B. Shuaib

#The Fast By Ja’far
Sheikh Idrees

#Fatawaa concerning
Taraweeh By Abdul-Azeez bin Baaz

#Zakaat al-Fitr

#Virtues of the Ten Days
of Dhul Hijjah By Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid

#The Two ‘Eids And
Their Significance by Abdul-Majeed Ali Hasan

#Eid Etiquette and

#Ruling of the Udhiyah (Eid
Sacrifice) By Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid

#How to Perform the
Rituals of Hajj and Umrah by Shaikh Al-Uthaimeen

#A Guide to Hajj, ‘Umrah
and Visiting the Prophet’s (PBUH) Mosque By Shaikh Muhammad bin
Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen

#Visiting the Mosque of
the Prophet (PBUH) by Yoosuf Bin Abdullah Al-Ahmad

#The Book of Hajj and
Umrah By Mahmoud Murad

#The Islamic legal
view-point on celebrating the anniversary birthday (Mawlid) of the

#Celebrating the Birthday
of the Prophet (PBUH) Saleh al-Fawzaan

#The Good End Signs by
Abdullah ibn Muhammad Al-Mutlaq

Life of this World is a Transient Shade – by Abdul Malik Al-Qasim

#Shaytaan (Satan)
His Ways in Misleadings

of the Days of Ignorance” (Masaa’il-ul-Jaahiliyyah) of Imaam
Muhammad Ibn ‘Abd-il-Wahhaab (rahimahullaah)

Manners of the Scholar and the Student of Knowledge

#Notes on the
Science of Hadeeth exctracted from “Tayseer Mustalahil Hadeeth” –
Dr. Mahmood at-Tahhaan

Almuslim min Athkar Alkitab Wassunah by Saeed Alqahtani

#The Muslim Woman And Her

#The Hijab of Muslim
Woman by Abdulaziz Addwesh

#I Appeal To Your Sense
Of Shame…! (For women) by Nawaal Bint Abdullah

#The Beard between the
salaf and the Khalaf by Muhammad al-Jibaly

That Are Taken Too Lightly By: Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid

#The Evils of the Tongue

In Minor Details By Salman Alouda

Taught The Prophets By Salman Alouda

Seven Oft-Repeated Verses By Salman Alouda

Development In Islam And Its Effects On Nations And Civilizations By
Salman Alouda

#20 Ways to
Show Off By Salman Alouda

Should Perform Ijtihad? By Salman Alouda

On Islamic Law And Matters Of Public Concern By Salman Alouda

Works At Home By Salman Alouda

In The Quest For Knowledge By Salman Alouda

Meaning of Our Testimony that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the
Messenger of Allah

And Secularism

#Shiekh Muhammed
Bin Abdul Wahab, His life, Story and Call

#Know Your Prophet by
(The Educational department of Daar Al-Watan)

#Ways to instigate the
Love of Allah by (The Educational department of Daar Al-Watan)

#Ways of Gaining
Provision from Allah by (The Educational department of Daar Al-Watan)

#Seventy Ways to Earn
Reward from Allah by (The Educational department of Daar Al-Watan)

#How Do I Repent? by (The
Educational department of Daar Al-Watan)

#Death is Enough as an
Admonition by (The Educational department of Daar Al-Watan)

#The Ruling on Magic and
Fortunetelling by Abdulaziz Bin Baz

#The Islamic Ruling on
Tawassul by Naasir al-‘Aql

#The Evil Consequences of
Adultery and Fornication by Muhammad al-Hamad

#The Evil Consequences of
Lying by Muhammad al-Hamad

#Why Do You Smoke? by
Muhammad al-Hamad

#Problems and Solutions

#The Prophet’s Methods
for Correcting People’s Mistakes By Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid

#The Etiquettes of
Marriage and Wedding By Shaikh Albani

#The Wisdom behind the
Islamic Laws Regarding Women By Abdur-Rahman Abdul-Khaliq

Muslim Home ? 40 recommendations By: Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid

#Contemporary Issues by
Bilal Philips

#Rulings on Divorce

of the Prophets By Ibn Katheer

Of the Quran By Ibn Khathir

Sealed Nectar By: Al mubarakfury

Life Of The Prophet Muhammad By: Leila Azzam

Signs Before The Day Of Judgment By: Ibn Kathir

Be A Muslim By Fathi Yakan

#Fataawa regarding
Tobacco and Cigarettes

Prophetic Commentary Of The Qur’an By Salman Alouda

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