prove Quran is from God

prove Quran is from God

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Can we prove Quran is from God?

Can we Prove Quran is From God?

Muslims have something that offers the clearest proof
of all – The Holy Quran. There is no other book like it anywhere
on earth. It is absolutely perfect in the Arabic language. It
has no mistakes in grammar, meanings or context. The scientific
evidences are well known around the entire world, even amongst
non-Muslim scholars. Predictions in the Quran have come true;
and its teachings are clearly for all people, all places and all

Surprisingly enough, the Quran itself provides us with the test
of authenticity and offers challenges against itself to prove
its veracity. Allah tells us in the Quran:

Haven’t the unbelievers considered if this was from other
than Allah, they would find within it many contradictions?


[Noble Quran 4:82]

Another amazing challenge from Allah’s Book:


If you are in doubt about it, bring a chapter like it.


[Noble Quran 2:23]

And Allah challenges us with:


Bring ten chapters like it.

[Noble Quran 11:13]

And finally:


Bring one chapter like it.

[Noble Quran 10:38]

No one has been able to produce a book like it, nor ten chapters
like it, nor even one chapter like it. It was memorized by
thousands of people during the lifetime of Muhammad (peace be
upon him) and then this memorization was passed down from
teacher to student for generation after generation, from mouth
to ear and from one nation to another. Today every single Muslim
has memorized some part of the Quran in the original Arabic
language that it was revealed in over 1,400 years ago, even
though most of them are not Arabs. There are over nine million
(9,000,000) Muslims living on the earth today who have totally
memorized the entire Quran, word for word, and can recite the
entire Quran, in Arabic just as Muhammad (peace be upon him) did
14 centuries ago.

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