Quran say, “We & He

Quran say, “We & He

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Why does Quran say, "We & He"?

Why does Quran say, "We &

Why Does Quran Say "We & He"?

Why does the Quran use "WE" and "HE" in Quran when referring to
God (Allah)?

This is a good question and one that Bible readers have also
asked about. The term "We" in the Bible and in the Quran is the
royal "We" – as an example when the king says, "We decree the
following declaration, etc." or, "We are not amused." It does
not indicate plural; rather it displays the highest position in
the language. English, Persian, Hebrew, Arabic and many
languages provide for the usage of "We" for the royal figure. It
is helpful to note the same dignity is given to the person being
spoken to in English. We say to someone, "You ARE my friend."
Yet the person is only one person standing there. Why did we say
"ARE" instead of "IS"? The noun "you" is singular and should
therefore be associated with a singular verb for the state of
being, yet we say, "are." The same is true for the speaker when
referring to himself or herself. We say, "I am" and this is also
in the royal plural, instead of saying, "I is."

When Allah uses the term "HE" in Quran it is similar to the
above answer. The word "He" is used when referring to Allah out
of respect, dignity and high status. It would be totally
inappropriate to use the word "it" and would not convey the
proper understanding of Allah being who Allah is; Alive,
Compassionate, Forgiving, Patient, Loving, etc. It is not
correct to associate the word "He" with gender, as this would be
comparing Allah to the creation, something totally against the
teaching of Quran

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