Things to do in Ramadan

Things to do in Ramadan

Say to yourself that in Ramadan I will:

1. Recite every day from the Qur’an 20 pages, by the end of Ramadan you will complete the entire Quran. Or I will recite before Each Salat 4 pages from the Quran, you will have it complete by the end of Ramadan.

2. I will donate a charity every day, be it small amount or big amount, as long as the intention is clear for the sake of Allah.

3. I will visit today so and so from people or I will contact them for the sake of Allah.

4. I will make “Dhiker” mention Allah repeatedly 300 times every day using the Subha (chain of beads that we use for dhiker), at end of Ramadan you would have read 9,000 times.

5. I will advice others to do the good and to stay away from the bad for the sake of Allah, I will acquire a lesson in the Islamic Knowledge, I will give a lesson, even if just brief information, that will be of great benefit for you, for the one you learn from, and for the one you teach. And may Allah accept your good deeds

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