Level One – 1 – Intermediate Level

level 01

Level One – 1 – Intermediate Level

Eligibility: If you know how to read Arabic (moderate-excellent) but you do not understand the Qur’anic verses.


Objective: To teach you general skills to help you in translating the verses of the Qur’an using models of short “ suras” (Qur’anic chapters). In addition to a focus on the basic / essential grammatical rules & analyses for the Arabic learner’s everyday application.

Course Material Downloads:

The above – Level One –  course material is a slightly modified version of the original “Understand Qur’an Course” obtained from:


One thought on “Level One – 1 – Intermediate Level

  1. Very Educational, May Allah Ta’ala Bless those people who are responsible for this lesson. Jazaaki Allahu Khayran

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