Science & Quran ( Proof of God )

Science & Quran ( Proof of God )


Science & Quran ( Proof of God )

Science & Quran

Science & Quran ( Proof of God )


Chapter 1, Some Evidence for the Truth of Islam

God supported His
last Prophet Muhammad

with many miracles and much evidence which proved
that he is a true Prophet sent by God. Also, God
supported His last revealed book, the Holy Quran,
with many miracles that prove that this Quran is the
literal word of God, revealed by Him, and that it
was not authored by any human being. This chapter
discusses some of this evidence.

(1) The Scientific Miracles
in the Holy Quran

The Quran is the
literal word of God, which He revealed to His
Prophet Muhammad

through the Angel Gabriel.
The Holy QuranIt
was memorized by Muhammad
who then dictated it to his Companions. They, in
turn, memorized it, wrote it down, and reviewed it
with the Prophet Muhammad
Moreover, the Prophet Muhammad

reviewed the Quran with the Angel Gabriel once each
year and twice in the last year of his life. From
the time the Quran was revealed, until this day,
there has always been a huge number of Muslims who
have memorized all of the Quran, letter by letter.
Some of them have even been able to memorize all of
the Quran by the age of ten. Not one letter of the
Quran has been changed over the centuries.

The Quran, which was
revealed fourteen centuries ago, mentioned facts
only recently discovered or proven by scientists.
This proves without doubt that the Quran must be the
literal word of God, revealed by Him to the Prophet
and that the Quran was not authored by Muhammad

or by any other human being. This also proves that

is truly a prophet sent by God. It is beyond reason
that anyone fourteen hundred years ago would have
known these facts discovered or proven only recently
with advanced equipment and sophisticated scientific
methods. Some examples follow.

A) The
Quran on Human Embryonic Development:

In the Holy
Quran, God speaks about the stages of
man%u2019s embryonic development:

We created man from an extract of clay. Then We made
him as a drop in a place of settlement, firmly
fixed. Then We made the drop into an alaqah
(leech, suspended thing, and blood clot), then We
made the alaqah into a mudghah (chewed
(Quran, 23:12-14)

Literally, the Arabic
word alaqah has three meanings: (1) leech,
(2) suspended thing, and (3) blood clot.

In comparing a leech
to an embryo in the alaqah stage, we find
similarity between the two2
as we can see in figure 1.

Also, the embryo at this stage obtains nourishment
from the blood of the mother, similar to the leech,
which feeds on the blood of others.3

Figure 1

Figure 1

1: Drawings illustrating the
similarities in appearance between a
leech and a human embryo at the
alaqah stage. (Leech drawing from
Human Development as Described in the
Quran and Sunnah, Moore and others,
p. 37, modified from Integrated
Principles of Zoology, Hickman and
others. Embryo drawing from The
Developing Human, Moore and Persaud,
5th ed., p. 73.)

The second meaning of
the word alaqah is %u201Csuspended
thing.%u201D This is what we can see in figures 2
and 3, the suspension of the embryo, during the
stage, in the womb of the mother.

2: We can see in this diagram the
suspension of an embryo during the
alaqah stage in the womb (uterus) of
the mother. (The Developing Human,
Moore and Persaud, 5th ed., p. 66.)
(Click on the image to enlarge it.)

Figure 2 (Click here to enlarge)


Figure 2  (Click here to enlarge)

3: In this photomicrograph, we can
see the suspension of an embryo (marked
B) during the alaqah stage (about
15 days old) in the womb of the mother.
The actual size of the embryo is about
0.6 mm. (The Developing Human,
Moore, 3rd ed., p. 66, from Histology,
Leeson and Leeson.)

Figure 3

The third meaning of
the word alaqah is %u201Cblood clot.%u201D We
find that the external appearance of the embryo and
its sacs during the alaqah stage is similar
to that of a blood clot. This is due to the presence
of relatively large amounts of blood present in the
embryo during this stage4
(see figure 4). Also during this stage, the blood in
the embryo does not circulate until the end of the
third week.5
Thus, the embryo at this stage is like a clot of

Diagram of the primitive
cardiovascular system in an embryo
during the alaqah stage. The
external appearance of the embryo and
its sacs is similar to that of a blood
clot, due to the presence of relatively
large amounts of blood present in the
embryo. (The Developing Human,
Moore, 5th ed., p. 65.) (Click on the
image to enlarge it.)

Figure 4  (Click here to enlarge)

So the three meanings
of the word alaqah correspond accurately to
the descriptions of the embryo at the alaqah

The next stage
mentioned in the verse is the mudghah stage.
The Arabic word mudghah means %u201Cchewed
substance.%u201D If one were to take a piece of gum
and chew it in his or her mouth and then compare it
with an embryo at the mudghah stage, we would
conclude that the embryo at the mudghah stage
acquires the appearance of a chewed substance. This
is because of the somites at the back of the embryo
that %u201Csomewhat resemble teethmarks in a chewed
(see figures 5 and 6).

Photograph of an embryo at the
stage (28 days old). The
embryo at this stage acquires the
appearance of a chewed substance,
because the somites at the back of the
embryo somewhat resemble teeth marks in
a chewed substance. The actual size of
the embryo is 4 mm. (The Developing
, Moore and Persaud, 5th ed.,
p. 82, from Professor Hideo Nishimura,
Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan.)

Figure 5

When comparing the appearance of
an embryo at the mudghah stage
with a piece of gum that has been
chewed, we find similarity between the
A) Drawing of an embryo at the
stage. We can see here the
somites at the back of the embryo that
look like teeth marks. (The
Developing Human
, Moore and Persaud,
5th ed., p. 79.)
B) Photograph of a piece of gum
that has been chewed.
(Click on the image to enlarge it.)

Figure 6  (Click here to enlarge)

How could Muhammad

have possibly known all this 1400 years ago, when
scientists have only recently discovered this using
advanced equipment and powerful microscopes which
did not exist at that time? Hamm and Leeuwenhoek
were the first scientists to observe human sperm
cells (spermatozoa) using an improved microscope in
1677 (more than 1000 years after Muhammad
They mistakenly thought that the sperm cell
contained a miniature preformed human being that
grew when it was deposited in the female genital

Professor Emeritus
Keith L. Moore8
is one of the world%u2019s most prominent scientists
in the fields of anatomy and embryology and is the
author of the book entitled The Developing Human,
which has been translated into eight languages. This
book is a scientific reference work and was chosen
by a special committee in the United States as the
best book authored by one person. Dr. Keith Moore is
Professor Emeritus of Anatomy and Cell Biology at
the University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada. There,
he was Associate Dean of Basic Sciences at the
Faculty of Medicine and for 8 years was the Chairman
of the Department of Anatomy. In 1984, he received
the most distinguished award presented in the field
of anatomy in Canada, the J.C.B. Grant Award from
the Canadian Association of Anatomists. He has
directed many international associations, such as
the Canadian and American Association of Anatomists
and the Council of the Union of Biological Sciences.

In 1981, during the
Seventh Medical Conference in Dammam, Saudi Arabia,
Professor Moore said: %u201CIt has been a great
pleasure for me to help clarify statements in the
Quran about human development. It is clear to me
that these statements must have come to Muhammad
from God, because almost all of this knowledge was
not discovered until many centuries later. This
proves to me that Muhammad must have been a
messenger of God.%u201D9
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Professor Moore was asked the following question:
%u201CDoes this mean that you believe that the Quran
is the word of God?%u201D He replied: %u201CI find
no difficulty in accepting this.%u201D10

During one conference, Professor
Moore stated: %u201C….Because the staging of human
embryos is complex, owing to the continuous process
of change during development, it is proposed that a
new system of classification could be developed
using the terms mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah
(what Muhammad

said, did, or approved of). The proposed system is
simple, comprehensive, and conforms with present
embryological knowledge. The intensive studies of
the Quran and hadeeth (reliably transmitted
reports by the Prophet Muhammad%u2019s

companions of what he said, did, or
approved of) in the last four years have revealed a
system for classifying human embryos that is amazing
since it was recorded in the seventh century A.D.
Although Aristotle, the founder of the science of
embryology, realized that chick embryos developed in
stages from his studies of hen%u2019s eggs in the
fourth century B.C., he did not give any details
about these stages. As far as it is known from the
history of embryology, little was known about the
staging and classification of human embryos until
the twentieth century. For this reason, the
descriptions of the human embryo in the Quran cannot
be based on scientific knowledge in the seventh
century. The only reasonable conclusion is: these
descriptions were revealed to Muhammad from God. He
could not have known such details because he was an
illiterate man with absolutely no scientific
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B) The
Quran on Mountains:

A book
entitled Earth is a basic reference
textbook in many universities around the
world. One of its two authors is Professor
Emeritus Frank Press. He was the Science
Advisor to former US President Jimmy Carter,
and for 12 years was the President of the
National Academy of Sciences, Washington,
DC. His book says that mountains have
underlying roots.1
These roots are deeply embedded in the
ground, thus, mountains have a shape like a
peg (see figures 7, 8, and 9).

Figure 7

Mountains have deep roots under
the surface of the ground. (Earth,
Press and Siever, p. 413.)

Figure 8 (Click here to enlarge)

Schematic section. The mountains,
like pegs, have deep roots embedded in
the ground. (Anatomy of the Earth,
Cailleux, p. 220.) (Click on the image
to enlarge it.)

Figure 9 (Click here to enlarge)

Another illustration shows how
the mountains are peg-like in shape, due
to their deep roots. (Earth Science,
Tarbuck and Lutgens, p. 158.) (Click on
the image to enlarge it.)

This is how the Quran
has described mountains. God has said in the Quran:

Have We not made the earth as a bed, and the
mountains as pegs?

(Quran, 78:6-7)

Modern earth sciences
have proven that mountains have deep roots under the
surface of the ground (see figure 9) and that these
roots can reach several times their elevations above
the surface of the ground.2
So the most suitable word to describe mountains on
the basis of this information is the word
%u2018peg,%u2019 since most of a properly set peg is
hidden under the surface of the ground. The history
of science tells us that the theory of mountains
having deep roots was introduced only in the latter
half of the nineteenth century.3

Mountains also play an
important role in stabilizing the crust of the
They hinder the shaking of the earth. God has said
in the Quran:

And He has set firm mountains in the earth so that
it would not shake with you…

(Quran, 16:15)

Likewise, the modern
theory of plate tectonics holds that mountains work
as stabilizers for the earth. This knowledge about
the role of mountains as stabilizers for the earth
has just begun to be understood in the framework of
plate tectonics since the late 1960%u2019s.5

Could anyone during
the time of the Prophet Muhammad

have known of the true shape of mountains?
anyone imagine that the solid massive mountain which
he sees before him actually extends deep into the
earth and has a root, as scientists assert? A large
number of books of geology, when discussing
mountains, only describe that part which is above
the surface of the earth. This is because these
books were not written by specialists in geology.
However, modern geology has confirmed the truth of
the Quranic verses.

E) The
Quran on Seas and Rivers:

Science has discovered that in the places
where two different seas meet, there is a
barrier between them. This barrier divides
the two seas so that each sea has its own
temperature, salinity, and density.1
For example, Mediterranean sea water is
warm, saline, and less dense, compared to
Atlantic ocean water. When Mediterranean sea
water enters the Atlantic over the Gibraltar
sill, it moves several hundred kilometers
into the Atlantic at a depth of about 1000
meters with its own warm, saline, and less
dense characteristics. The Mediterranean
water stabilizes at this depth2
(see figure 13).

Figure 13 (Click here to enlarge)

The Mediterranean sea water as
it enters the Atlantic over the
Gibraltar sill with its own warm,
saline, and less dense characteristics,
because of the barrier that
distinguishes between them. Temperatures
are in degrees Celsius (C°). (Marine
, Kuenen, p. 43, with a
slight enhancement.) (Click on the image
to enlarge it.)

Although there are
large waves, strong currents, and tides in these
seas, they do not mix or transgress this barrier.

The Holy Quran
mentioned that there is a barrier between two seas
that meet and that they do not transgress. God has

He has set free the two seas meeting together. There
is a barrier between them. They do not transgress.

(Quran, 55:19-20)

But when the Quran
speaks about the divider between fresh and salt
water, it mentions the existence of %u201Ca
forbidding partition%u201D with the barrier. God has
said in the Quran:

He is the one who has set free the two kinds of
water, one sweet and palatable, and the other salty
and bitter. And He has made between them a barrier
and a forbidding partition.

(Quran, 25:53)

One may ask, why did
the Quran mention the partition when speaking about
the divider between fresh and salt water, but did
not mention it when speaking about the divider
between the two seas?

Modern science has
discovered that in estuaries, where fresh (sweet)
and salt water meet, the situation is somewhat
different from what is found in places where two
seas meet. It has been discovered that what
distinguishes fresh water from salt water in
estuaries is a %u201Cpycnocline zone with a marked
density discontinuity separating the two
This partition (zone of separation) has a different
salinity from the fresh water and from the salt
(see figure 14).

Figure 14 (Click here to enlarge)

Longitudinal section showing
salinity (parts per thousand %u2030) in
an estuary. We can see here the
partition (zone of separation) between
the fresh and the salt water. (Introductory
, Thurman, p. 301, with
a slight enhancement.) (Click on the
image to enlarge it.)

This information has
been discovered only recently, using advanced
equipment to measure temperature, salinity, density,
oxygen dissolubility, etc. The human eye cannot see
the difference between the two seas that meet,
rather the two seas appear to us as one homogeneous
sea. Likewise, the human eye cannot see the division
of water in estuaries into the three kinds: fresh
water, salt water, and the partition (zone of

D) The
Quran on the Cerebrum:

God has said
in the Quran about one of the evil
unbelievers who forbade the Prophet Muhammad

from praying at the Kaaba:

No! If he does not stop, We will take him by the
(front of the head), a lying, sinful
(front of the head)!

(Quran, 96:15-16)

Why did the Quran
describe the front of the head as being lying and
sinful? Why didn%u2019t the Quran say that the
person was lying and sinful? What is the
relationship between the front of the head and lying
and sinfulness?

If we look into the
skull at the front of the head, we will find the
prefrontal area of the cerebrum (see figure 12).
What does physiology tell us about the function of
this area? A book entitled Essentials of Anatomy
& Physiology
says about this area, %u201CThe
motivation and the foresight to plan and initiate
movements occur in the anterior portion of the
frontal lobes, the prefrontal area. This is a region
of association cortex…%u201D1
Also the book says, %u201CIn relation to its
involvement in motivation, the prefrontal area is
also thought to be the functional center for

Figure 12 (Click here to enlarge)

Functional regions of the left
hemisphere of the cerebral cortex. The
prefrontal area is located at the front
of the cerebral cortex. (Essentials
of Anatomy & Physiology
, Seeley and
others, p. 210.) (Click on the image to
enlarge it.)

So, this area of the
cerebrum is responsible for planning, motivating,
and initiating good and sinful behavior and is
responsible for the telling of lies and the speaking
of truth. Thus, it is proper to describe the front
of the head as lying and sinful when someone lies or
commits a sin, as the Quran has said, %u201C…A
lying, sinful naseyah (front of the

Scientists have only
discovered these functions of the prefrontal area in
the last sixty years, according to Professor Keith
L. Moore.3

C) The
Quran on the Origin of the Universe:

The science
of modern cosmology, observational and
theoretical, clearly indicates that, at one
point in time, the whole universe was
nothing but a cloud of %u2018smoke%u2019
(i.e. an opaque highly dense and hot gaseous
This is one of the undisputed principles of
standard modern cosmology. Scientists now
can observe new stars forming out of the
remnants of that %u2018smoke%u2019 (see
figures 10 and 11).

Figure 10

A new star forming out of a
cloud of gas and dust (nebula), which is
one of the remnants of the
%u2018smoke%u2019 that was the origin of
the whole universe. (The Space Atlas,
Heather and Henbest, p. 50.)

Figure 11 (Click here to enlarge)

The Lagoon nebula is a cloud of
gas and dust, about 60 light years in
diameter. It is excited by the
ultraviolet radiation of the hot stars
that have recently formed within its
bulk. (Horizons, Exploring the
, Seeds, plate 9, from
Association of Universities for Research
in Astronomy, Inc.) (Click on the image
to enlarge it.)

The illuminating stars
we see at night were, just as was the whole
universe, in that %u2018smoke%u2019 material. God
has said in the Quran:

Then He turned to the heaven when it was smoke…

(Quran, 41:11)

Because the earth and
the heavens above (the sun, the moon, stars,
planets, galaxies, etc.) have been formed from this
same %u2018smoke,%u2019 we conclude that the earth
and the heavens were one connected entity. Then out
of this homogeneous %u2018smoke,%u2019 they formed
and separated from each other. God has said in the

Have not those who disbelieved known that the
heavens and the earth were one connected entity,
then We separated them?…

(Quran, 21:30)

Dr. Alfred Kroner is
one of the world%u2019s renowned geologists. He is
Professor of Geology and the Chairman of the
Department of Geology at the Institute of
Geosciences, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz,
Germany. He said: %u201CThinking where Muhammad came
from . . . I think it is almost impossible that he
could have known about things like the common origin
of the universe, because scientists have only found
out within the last few years, with very complicated
and advanced technological methods, that this is the
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Also he said: %u201CSomebody who did not know
something about nuclear physics fourteen hundred
years ago could not, I think, be in a position to
find out from his own mind, for instance, that the
earth and the heavens had the same origin.%u201D3
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F) The
Quran on Deep Seas and Internal Waves:

God has said
in the Quran:

Or (the unbelievers%u2019 state) is like the
darkness in a deep sea. It is covered by waves,
above which are waves, above which are clouds.
Darknesses, one above another. If a man stretches
out his hand, he cannot see it….

(Quran, 24:40)

This verse mentions
the darkness found in deep seas and oceans, where if
a man stretches out his hand, he cannot see it. The
darkness in deep seas and oceans is found around a
depth of 200 meters and below. At this depth, there
is almost no light (see figure 15). Below a depth of
1000 meters there is no light at all.1
Human beings are not able to dive more than forty
meters without the aid of submarines or special
equipment. Human beings cannot survive unaided in
the deep dark part of the oceans, such as at a depth
of 200 meters.

Figure 15

Between 3 and 30 percent of the
sunlight is reflected at the sea
surface. Then almost all of the seven
colors of the light spectrum are
absorbed one after another in the first
200 meters, except the blue light. (Oceans,
Elder and Pernetta, p. 27.)

Scientists have
recently discovered this darkness by means of
special equipment and submarines that have enabled
them to dive into the depths of the oceans.

We can also understand
from the following sentences in the previous verse,
%u201C…in a deep sea. It is covered by waves,
above which are waves, above which are
, that the deep waters of seas
and oceans are covered by waves, and above these
waves are other waves. It is clear that the second
set of waves are the surface waves that we see,
because the verse mentions that above the second
waves there are clouds. But what about the first
waves? Scientists have recently discovered that
there are internal waves which %u201Coccur on
density interfaces between layers of different
(see figure 16).

Figure 16

Internal waves at interface
between two layers of water of different
densities. One is dense (the lower one),
the other one is less dense (the upper
one). (Oceanography, Gross, p.

The internal waves
cover the deep waters of seas and oceans because the
deep waters have a higher density than the waters
above them. Internal waves act like surface waves.
They can also break, just like surface waves.
Internal waves cannot be seen by the human eye, but
they can be detected by studying temperature or
salinity changes at a given location.3

G) The
Quran on Clouds:

have studied cloud types and have realized
that rain clouds are formed and shaped
according to definite systems and certain
steps connected with certain types of wind
and clouds.

One kind of rain cloud
is the cumulonimbus cloud. Meteorologists have
studied how cumulonimbus clouds are formed and how
they produce rain, hail, and lightning.

They have found that
cumulonimbus clouds go through the following steps
to produce rain:

1) The clouds are
pushed by the wind:
Cumulonimbus clouds begin to
form when wind pushes some small pieces of clouds
(cumulus clouds) to an area where these clouds
converge (see figures 17 and 18).

Figure 17 (Click here to enlarge)

Satellite photo showing the
clouds moving towards the convergence
areas B, C, and D. The arrows indicate
the directions of the wind. (The Use
of Satellite Pictures in Weather
Analysis and Forecasting
, Anderson
and others, p. 188.) (Click on the image
to enlarge it.)

Figure 18 (Click here to enlarge)

Small pieces of clouds (cumulus
clouds) moving towards a convergence
zone near the horizon, where we can see
a large cumulonimbus cloud. (Clouds
and Storms
, Ludlam, plate 7.4.)
(Click on the image to enlarge it.)

2) Joining:
Then the small clouds join together forming a larger
(see figures 18 and 19).

Figure 19 (Click here to enlarge)

Figure 19: (A)
Isolated small pieces of clouds (cumulus
clouds). (B) When the small clouds join
together, updrafts within the larger
cloud increase, so the cloud is stacked
up. Water drops are indicated by

(The Atmosphere, Anthes and
others, p. 269.) (Click on the image to
enlarge it.)

3) Stacking:
When the small clouds join together, updrafts within
the larger cloud increase. The updrafts near the
center of the cloud are stronger than those near the
These updrafts cause the cloud body to grow
vertically, so the cloud is stacked up (see figures
19 (B), 20, and 21). This vertical growth causes the
cloud body to stretch into cooler regions of the
atmosphere, where drops of water and hail formulate
and begin to grow larger and larger. When these
drops of water and hail become too heavy for the
updrafts to support them, they begin to fall from
the cloud as rain, hail, etc.3

A cumulonimbus cloud. After the
cloud is stacked up, rain comes out of
it. (Weather and Climate, Bodin,

Figure 20

Figure 21

A cumulonimbus cloud. (A
Colour Guide to Clouds
, Scorer and
Wexler, p. 23.)

God has said in the

Have you not seen how God makes the clouds move
gently, then joins them together, then makes them
into a stack, and then you see the rain come out of

(Quran, 24:43)

Meteorologists have
only recently come to know these details of cloud
formation, structure, and function by using advanced
equipment like planes, satellites, computers,
balloons, and other equipment, to study wind and its
direction, to measure humidity and its variations,
and to determine the levels and variations of
atmospheric pressure.4

The preceding verse,
after mentioning clouds and rain, speaks about hail
and lightning:

….And He sends down hail from mountains (clouds)
in the sky, and He strikes with it whomever He
wills, and turns it from whomever He wills. The
vivid flash of its lightning nearly blinds the

(Quran, 24:43)

Meteorologists have
found that these cumulonimbus clouds, that shower
hail, reach a height of 25,000 to 30,000 ft (4.7 to
5.7 miles),5
like mountains, as the Quran said, %u201C…And
He sends down hail from mountains (clouds) in the
(see figure 21 above).

This verse may raise a
question. Why does the verse say %u201Cits
in a reference to the hail? Does
this mean that hail is the major factor in producing
lightning? Let us see what the book entitled
Meteorology Today
says about this. It says that
a cloud becomes electrified as hail falls through a
region in the cloud of supercooled droplets and ice
liquid droplets collide with a hailstone, they
freeze on contact and release latent heat. This
keeps the surface of the hailstone warmer than that
of the surrounding ice crystals. When the hailstone
comes in contact with an ice crystal, an important
phenomenon occurs: electrons flow from the colder
object toward the warmer object. Hence, the
hailstone becomes negatively charged. The same
effect occurs when supercooled droplets come in
contact with a hailstone and tiny splinters of
positively charged ice break off. These lighter
positively charged particles are then carried to the
upper part of the cloud by updrafts. The hail, left
with a negative charge, falls towards the bottom of
the cloud, thus the lower part of the cloud becomes
negatively charged. These negative charges are then
discharged as lightning.6
We conclude from this that hail is the major factor
in producing lightning.

This information on
lightning was discovered recently. Until 1600 AD,
Aristotle%u2019s ideas on meteorology were dominant.
For example, he said that the atmosphere contains
two kinds of exhalation, moist and dry. He also said
that thunder is the sound of the collision of the
dry exhalation with the neighboring clouds, and
lightning is the inflaming and burning of the dry
exhalation with a thin and faint fire.7
These are some of the ideas on meteorology that were
dominant at the time of the Quran%u2019s revelation,
fourteen centuries ago.

The Great Challenge to Produce
One Chapter Like the Chapters
of the Holy Quran

God has said
in the Quran:

And if you are in doubt about what We have revealed
(the Quran) to Our worshiper (Muhammad
then produce a chapter like it, and call your
witnesses (supporters and helpers) besides God if
you are truthful. And if you do not do it, and you
can never do it, then fear the Fire (Hell) whose
fuel is men and stones. It has been prepared for
disbelievers. And give good news (O Muhammad) to
those who believe and do good deeds, that for them
are gardens (Paradise) in which rivers flow….

(Quran, 2:23-25)

Ever since the Quran
was revealed, fourteen centuries ago, no one has
been able to produce a single chapter like the
chapters of the Quran in their beauty, eloquence,
splendor, wise legislation, true information, true
prophecy, and other perfect attributes. Also, note
that the smallest chapter in the Quran (Chapter 108)
is only ten words, yet no one has ever been able to
meet this challenge, then or today.1
Some of the disbelieving Arabs who were enemies of
the Prophet Muhammad

tried to meet this challenge to prove that Muhammad

was not a true prophet, but they failed to do so.2
This failure was despite the fact that the Quran was
revealed in their own language and dialect and that
the Arabs at the time of Muhammad

were a very eloquent people who used to compose
beautiful and excellent poetry, still read and
appreciated today.

The smallest chapter in the Holy Quran

smallest chapter in the Holy Quran
(Chapter 108) is only ten words, yet no
one has ever been able to meet the
challenge to produce one chapter like
the chapters of the Holy Quran.

Biblical Prophecies on the Advent of
the Prophet of Islam

The Biblical
prophecies on the advent of the Prophet

are evidence of the truth of Islam for
people who believe in the Bible.

In Deuteronomy 18,
Moses stated that God told him: %u201CI will
raise up for them a prophet like you from among
their brothers; I will put my words in his mouth,
and he will tell them everything I command him. If
anyone does not listen to my words that the prophet
speaks in my name, I myself will call him to
account.%u201D (Deuteronomy 18:18-19)

From these verses we
conclude that the prophet in this prophecy must have
the following three characteristics:

1) That he will
be like Moses.

2) That he will
come from the brothers of the Israelites, i.e. the

3) That God
will put His words in to the mouth of this prophet
and that he will declare what God commands him.

Let us examine these
three characteristics in more depth:

1) A prophet like

There were hardly any
two prophets who were so much alike as Moses and
Both were given a comprehensive law and code of
life. Both encountered their enemies and were
victorious in miraculous ways. Both were accepted as
prophets and statesmen. Both migrated following
conspiracies to assassinate them. Analogies between
Moses and Jesus overlook not only the above
similarities but other crucial ones as well. These
include the natural birth, the family life, and
death of Moses and Muhammad

but not of Jesus. Moreover Jesus was regarded by his
followers as the Son of God and not exclusively as a
prophet of God, as Moses and Muhammad

were and as Muslims believe Jesus was. So, this
prophecy refers to the Prophet Muhammad

and not to Jesus, because Muhammad

is more like Moses than Jesus.

Also, one notices
from the Gospel of John that the Jews were waiting
for the fulfillment of three distinct prophecies.
The first was the coming of Christ. The second was
the coming of Elijah. The third was the coming of
the Prophet. This is obvious from the three
questions that were posed to John the Baptist:
%u201CNow this was John%u2019s testimony, when the
Jews of Jerusalem sent priests and Levites to ask
him who he was. He did not fail to confess, but
confessed freely, %u201CI am not the Christ.%u201D
They asked him, %u201CThen who are you? Are you
Elijah?%u201D He said, %u201CI am not.%u201D
%u201CAre you the Prophet?%u201D He answered,
%u201CNo.%u201D (John 1:19-21)
. If we look in a
Bible with cross-references, we will find in the
marginal notes where the words %u201Cthe
occur in John 1:21, that
these words refer to the prophecy of Deuteronomy
and 18:18.2
We conclude from this that Jesus Christ is not the
prophet mentioned in Deuteronomy 18:18.

2) From the
brothers of the Israelites:

Abraham had two sons,
Ishmael and Isaac (Genesis 21). Ishmael
became the grandfather of the Arab nation, and Isaac
became the grandfather of the Jewish nation. The
prophet spoken of was not to come from among the
Jews themselves, but from among their brothers, i.e.
the Ishmaelites. Muhammad
a descendant of Ishmael, is indeed this prophet.

Also, Isaiah
speaks of the servant of God, His
%u201Cchosen one%u201D and %u201Cmessenger%u201D who
will bring down a law. %u201CHe will not falter
or be discouraged till he establishes justice on
earth. In his law the islands will put their
hope.%u201D (Isaiah 42:4)
. Verse 11,
connects that awaited one with the descendants of
Kedar. Who is Kedar? According to Genesis 25:13,
Kedar was the second son of Ishmael, the ancestor of
the Prophet Muhammad

3) God will put His words in the
mouth of this prophet:

The words of God (the
Holy Quran) were truly put into Muhammad%u2019s

mouth. God sent the Angel Gabriel to teach Muhammad

the exact words of God (the Holy Quran) and asked
him to dictate them to the people as he heard them.
The words are therefore not his own. They did not
come from his own thoughts, but were put into his
mouth by the Angel Gabriel. During the life time of
and under his supervision, these words were then
memorized and written by his companions.

Also, this prophecy
in Deuteronomy mentioned that this prophet
will speak the words of God in the name of God. If
we looked to the Holy Quran, we will find that all
its chapters, except Chapter 9, are preceded or
begin with the phrase, %u201CIn the Name of God, the
Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.%u201D

Another indication
(other than the prophecy in Deuteronomy) is
that Isaiah ties the messenger connected with
Kedar with a new song (a scripture in a new
language) to be sung to the Lord (Isaiah
. This is mentioned more clearly in the
prophecy of Isaiah: %u201Cand another
tongue, will he speak to this people%u201D (Isaiah
28:11 KJV)
. Another related point, is that the
Quran was revealed in sections over a span of
twenty-three years. It is interesting to compare
this with Isaiah 28 which speaks of the same
thing, %u201CFor it is: Do and do, do and do,
rule on rule, rule on rule; a little here, a little
there.%u201D (Isaiah 28:10)

Note that God has said
in the prophecy of Deuteronomy 18,
%u201CIf anyone does not listen to my words that the
prophet speaks in my name, I myself will call him to
account.%u201D (Deuteronomy, 18:19)
. This means
that whoever believes in the Bible must believe in
what this prophet says, and this prophet is the
Prophet Muhammad

The Verses in the Quran That Mention Future
Events Which Later Came to Pass

One example
of the events foretold in the Quran is the
victory of the Romans over the Persians
within three to nine years after the Romans
were defeated by the Persians. God has said
in the Quran:

The Romans have been defeated in the nearest land
(to the Arabian Peninsula), and they, after their
defeat, will be victorious within bedd%u2019
(three to nine) years….

(Quran, 30:2-4)

Let us see what
history tells us about these wars. A book entitled
History of the Byzantine State says that the
Roman army was badly defeated at Antioch in 613, and
as a result, the Persians swiftly pushed forward on
all fronts.1
At that time, it was hard to imagine that the Romans
would defeat the Persians, but the Quran foretold
that the Romans would be victorious within three to
nine years. In 622, nine years after the
Romans%u2019 defeat, the two forces (Romans and
Persians) met on Armenian soil, and the result was
the decisive victory of the Romans over the
Persians, for the first time after the Romans%u2019
defeat in 613.2
The prophecy was fulfilled just as God has said in
the Quran.

There are also many
other verses in the Quran and sayings of the Prophet

that mention future events which later came to pass.

Miracles Performed by
the Prophet Muhammad

Many miracles
were performed by the Prophet Muhammad

by God%u2019s permission. These miracles
were witnessed by many people. For example:

When the unbelievers in Makkah asked the Prophet

to show them a miracle, he showed them the splitting
of the moon.1

Another miracle was the flowing of water through

fingers when his companions got thirsty and had no
water except a little in a vessel. They came to him
and told him that they had no water to make ablution
nor to drink except for what was in the vessel. So,

put his hand in the vessel, and the water started
gushing out between his fingers. So, they drank and
made ablution. They were one thousand five hundred

There were also many
other miracles that were performed by him or which
happened to him.

The Simple Life of Muhammad

If we compare
the life of Muhammad

before his mission as a prophet and his life
after he began his mission as a prophet, we
will conclude that it is beyond reason to
think that Muhammad

was a false prophet, who claimed prophethood
to attain material gains, greatness, glory,
or power.

Before his mission as
a prophet, Muhammad

had no financial worries. As a successful and
reputed merchant, Muhammad

drew a satisfactory and comfortable income. After
his mission as a prophet and because of it, he
became worse off materially. To clarify this more,
let us browse the following sayings on his life:

Aa%u2019isha, Muhammad%u2019s

wife, said, %u201CO my nephew, we would sight three
new moons in two months without lighting a fire (to
cook a meal) in the Prophet%u2019s

houses.%u201D Her nephew asked, %u201CO Aunt, what
sustained you?%u201D She said, %u201CThe two black
things, dates and water, but the Prophet

had some Ansar neighbors who had milk-giving
she-camels and they used to send the Prophet

some of its milk.%u201D1

Sahl Ibn Sa%u2019ad, one of Muhammad%u2019s

companions, said, %u201CThe Prophet of God

did not see bread made from fine flour from the time
God sent him (as a prophet) until he died.%u201D2

Aa%u2019isha, Muhammad%u2019s

wife, said, %u201CThe mattress of the Prophet
on which he slept, was made of leather stuffed with
the fiber of the date-palm tree.%u201D3

Amr Ibn Al-Hareth, one of Muhammad%u2019s

companions, said that when the Prophet

died, he left neither money nor anything else except
his white riding mule, his arms, and a piece of land
which he left to charity.4


lived this hard life till he died although the
Muslim treasury was at his disposal, the greater
part of the Arabian Peninsula was Muslim before he
died, and the Muslims were victorious after eighteen
years of his mission.

Is it possible that

might have claimed prophethood in order to attain
status, greatness, and power? The desire to enjoy
status and power is usually associated with good
food, fancy clothing, monumental palaces, colorful
guards, and indisputable authority. Do any of these
indicators apply to Muhammad
A few glimpses of his life that may help answer this
question follow.

Despite his
responsibilities as a prophet, a teacher, a
statesman, and a judge, Muhammad

used to milk his goat,5
mend his clothes, repair his shoes,6
help with the household work,7
and visit poor people when they got sick.8
He also helped his companions in digging a trench by
moving sand with them.9
His life was an amazing model of simplicity and


followers loved him, respected him, and trusted him
to an amazing extent. Yet he continued to emphasize
that deification should be directed to God and not
to him personally. Anas, one of Muhammad%u2019s

companions, said that there was no person whom they
loved more than the Prophet Muhammad
yet when he came to them, they did not stand up for
him because he hated their standing up for him,10
as other people do with their great people.

Long before there was
any prospect of success for Islam and at the outset
of a long and painful era of torture, suffering, and
persecution of Muhammad

and his followers, he received an interesting offer.
An envoy of the pagan leaders, Otba, came to him
saying, %u201C…If you want money, we will collect
enough money for you so that you will be the richest
one of us. If you want leadership, we will take you
as our leader and never decide on any matter without
your approval. If you want a kingdom, we will crown
you king over us…%u201D Only one concession was
required from Muhammad

in return for that, to give up calling people to
Islam and worshipping God alone without any partner.
Wouldn%u2019t this offer be tempting to one pursuing
worldly benefit? Was Muhammad

hesitant when the offer was made? Did he turn it
down as a bargaining strategy leaving the door open
for a better offer? The following was his answer: {In
the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most
} And he recited to Otba the verses of
the Quran 41:1-38.11
The Following are some of these verses:

A revelation from (God), the Most Gracious, the Most
Merciful; a Book whereof the verses are explained in
detail; a Quran in Arabic, for people who know,
giving good news and warning, yet most of them turn
away, so they do not listen.

(Quran, 41:2-4)

On another occasion
and in response to his uncle%u2019s plea to stop
calling people to Islam, Muhammad%u2019s

answer was as decisive and sincere: {I swear by
the name of God, O Uncle!, that if they place the
sun in my right-hand and the moon in my left-hand in
return for giving up this matter (calling people to
Islam), I will never desist until either God makes
it triumph or I perish defending it.


and his few followers did not only suffer from
persecution for thirteen years but the unbelievers
even tried to kill Muhammad

several times. On one occasion they attempted to
kill him by dropping a large boulder, which could
barely be lifted, on his head.13
Another time they tried to kill him by poisoning his
What could justify such a life of suffering and
sacrifice even after he was fully triumphant over
his adversaries? What could explain the humbleness
and nobility which he demonstrated in his most
glorious moments when he insisted that success is
due only to God%u2019s help and not to his own
genius? Are these the characteristics of a
power-hungry or a self-centered man?

The Phenomenal Growth of Islam

At the end of
this chapter, it may be appropriate to point
out an important indication of the truth of
Islam. It is well known that in the USA and
the whole world, Islam is the
fastest-growing religion. The following are
some observations on this phenomenon:

%u201CIslam is the fastest-growing religion in
America, a guide and pillar of stability for many of
our people…%u201D (Hillary Rodham Clinton, Los
Angeles Times

%u201CMoslems are the world%u2019s fastest-growing
group…%u201D (The Population Reference Bureau,
USA Today

%u201C….Islam is the fastest-growing religion in
the country.%u201D (Geraldine Baum; Newsday
Religion Writer, Newsday).3

%u201CIslam, the fastest-growing religion in the
United States…%u201D (Ari L. Goldman, New York

This phenomenon
indicates that Islam is truly a religion from God.
It is unreasonable to think that so many Americans
and people from different countries have converted
to Islam without careful consideration and deep
contemplation before concluding that Islam is true.
These converts have come from different countries,
classes, races, and walks of life. They include
scientists, professors, philosophers, journalists,
politicians, actors, and athletes. (To read the
stories of people who have converted to Islam,
please visit the links at

Stories of New Muslims

The points mentioned
in this chapter constitute only some of the evidence
supporting the belief that the Quran is the literal
word of God, that Muhammad

is truly a prophet sent by God, and that Islam is
truly a religion from God.

The Mathematical Miracle of the Quran

In The Name Of GOD

“This discussion would be
unprofitable if it did not lead us to appreciate
the wisdom of our Creator, and the wondrous
knowledge of the Author of the world, who in the
beginning created the world out of nothing and
set everything in number, measure and weight,
and then in time and age of man formulated a
science which reveals fresh wonders the more we
study it.”
Hrovista of Gandersheim (980 AD)

All of us, at one time or another, have been
compelled to contemplate creation. Questions
such as the purpose of our lives and the
existence of God, have been pondered upon from
time immemorial. There have always been those
who choose to interpret the harmony and order of
the cosmos as a fluke of nature, but a closer
look gives clear evidence of a design, and thus
a designer. The discoveries being made on all
frontiers are making this picture clearer by the

Most contemporary scientists, including
mathematicians are agnostics. If they profess a
religious belief, they keep their science and
their religion in totally separate compartments
of their lives. The conventional scientific view
considers mathematics as the foremost example of
a field where reason is supreme, where emotions
do not enter, where we know with certainty, and
know that we know; where the truths of today are
truths forever. This view considers religion, by
contrast, a realm of pure belief unaffected by
reason. Therefore, in the view of the scientist,
all religions are equal because all have been
equally incapable of verification or

For any subject to be a proven fact, be it a
law of physics or the Ten Commandments from the
Torah, proof needs to be given. Proof basically
means that a statement is true beyond a shadow
of a doubt. It is validation and certification.
It is the seal of authority, the mathematical
power, the electric voltage that vitalizes the
static assertion about any subject. Proof is
thus a celebration of the power of pure reason.

Proof is a procedure by which a proposition
about the unseen reality can be established with
finality by a process of deduction and
conclusion, and thus be made acceptable by all.
Since a mathematical question will have only one
definite answer, then different mathematicians,
using different methods, working in different
centuries and places will arrive at the same
answer. Thus a mathematical proof is unaffected
by time or space.

Galileo stated that mathematics is the
language in which God wrote the universe. This
is now a demonstrated fact. The universe
expresses itself naturally in the language of
mathematics. The force of gravity diminishes as
the second power of distance, the planets move
around the sun in ellipses, etc. Mathematics is
thus a symbolic counterpart of the universe. It
is the science of quantity and space, of pattern
and structure. It is the methodology wherein
hypothesis leads to conclusion.

Mathematics provides irrefutable proof about
the subject under consideration. It forms the
very structure of the world, containing truths
that are valid forever. Mathematics forms an
integral part of all sciences, for example,
medicine, astronomy, physics, engineering,
sociology, and psychology.

Mathematics is a science of the infinite. Its
goal is the symbolic comprehension of the
infinite with human, that is, finite, means. It
now elaborates a theology which declares the
nature of God and the relationship of God and

This is the age of science and reason. It is
impossible for an intelligent person to accept
the existence of God or the divine origin of any
religion on blind faith. We need proof from God
Himself, and if He is really what He tells us He
is, namely omniscient and omnipotent, He should
be able to communicate with us and give us ample
proof of His existence.

The only scripture which is still preserved
in its entirety and in its original language is
the Quran. It is a fact that the original Torah
of the prophets of Israel is lost, and we do not
have the Gospel of Jesus but that of his
followers, nor do we have the original
scriptures of the Hindus or Buddhists. What we
have now are the writings of humans who profess
to know the original scripture.

The Quran was entered into the computer in
the 1970’s. A unique phenomenon was discovered
which has never been found in any other book.
Irrefutable evidence has since emerged that the
original language of the revelation was written
in a way which conforms to a complex
mathematical pattern. As research has continued
it has been found that every element of the book
is mathematically composed—the chapters, the
verses, the words, the numbers of certain
letters, the number and variety of divine names,
the unique spelling of certain words, and many
other elements. Because of this comprehensive
mathematical coding, the slightest distortion of
the Quran’s text or physical arrangement is
immediately exposed. The mathematical
composition leaves no doubt as to its divine
origin. Numbers do not lie. New parameters
continue to be discovered at a breath-taking

The man who originally discovered the code in
the 1970’s was Dr. Rashad Khalifa. Dr. Khalifa
was well-prepared for the initial scientific
research that led to the discovery of this code
by his rigorous training as a Ph.D. biochemist.
His investigation, along with that of others has
lead to stunning results.

Mathematics, the science of the infinite, has
thus unveiled one of the greatest miracles known
to mankind. For the first time in history, we
have a scripture with built-in proof of divine
authorship – The Final Testament – The Quran –
God’s gift and His Final message to ALL of

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  1. Masha Allah …….this information has guided me so much I being a Muslim nauzobillah doubted but Subhan Allah ……I thank Allah to bring me by this information or else I would be misguided I pray to Allah to make us firm in our seen I thank the one who published it …..Alhumdullilah Islam is the truth we should be proud as Muslims and I pray that Allah forgive me for my past sins in sha Allah

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